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Getting the best audio recording is possible at Jeddraudio Recording Studio’s purposely built 22m2 tracking room. With acoustics suited to modern recording needs for metal, hardcore, punk, stoner and rock bands and 32 channels of simultaneous analog console recording inputs there’s nothing standing in the way of your next powerfull album.

What I can do for you during recording


Tracking your song through a true high end console to digital tape and giving feedback on intensity & tightness. With a few tricks up my sleeve, I help you get the best possible performance using select outboard and microphones.


I can help you with programmed drums, bass and productional ear candy to make your album more epic sounding than you had ever imagined possible. 


Did you record a D.I. of your guitars and bass yourself and require the best possible source tones? Send me your files and I’ll reamp them through the best valve amps and a selection of pedals. 

When you're done recording

My promise to your music

Every recording project is different. Therefor I do not apply a basic approach for all. Before we start any collaboration, we talk through your expectations and prefered way of working and take it from there. 

The studio can handle up to 5 musicians recording at the same time. This allows for full live band tracking, overdubbing each track separately and everything in between. The only limit is the amount of tracks my system can handle, which is a whopping 128!

Recording guitars