I offer my music mixing services to any metal, hardcore, punk or rock projects that were either recorded here at Jeddraudio recording studio, another commercial facility or at your own homestudio.

Working in an acoustically treated control room on a true high end mixing console, I can assure you  whatever you hear in there, is also what the outside world will. 

Mixing Services

What I can do for you during mixing


Taking well recorded tracks to the next level, by creating a unique mix for each artist. There’s one constant, however. That of a transparant, clear and powerful mix of your song and album.


Even the best recordings benefit from editing: Removing unwanted noises, tightening drums or guitar performances or comping vocals to otherworldly perfectness. I have you covered.

Before we start mixing

My promise to your music

Every mixing project is different. Therefor I do not apply a fixed template. Before we start any collaboration, we talk through your expectations and prefered way of working and take it from there. 

Based on your vision for the music and the references provided during the mix intake, the finished song will be ready for your audience to enjoy it to the fullest.

Jeddraudio gear overview