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Jeddraudio recording & mixing studio is the studio of
Alex Dierickx, recording and mixing engineer, former drummer and current guitar player. The studio specialises in metal, hardcore, punk, stoner, rock and any related subgenres.

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Getting it right at the source is my guarantee for your powerful album


Putting the finishing touch on your recordings and make it release ready


The polish to your release before its final journey to your fans


What people say about the studio

From day one, we believed in the capabilities and quality that Alex presented as JEDDRAUDIO studio, and this was confirmed when we received our masters! = He clearly knows what he's doing, when it comes to mixing! = Top-notch production with to the-point communication and clear approach. A very friendly guy and an even better cooperation! We will be returning! HAMMERAMP & crew
Zeer professionele sound engineer en studio! Een zeer vlotte en leuke samenwerking met Alex, hier komen we zeker terug!
Awesome studio that delivers great work! We recorded our full-length album there from start to finish and it was a period that we gladly look back on! Thanks to Alex, owner and ingeneer, for making this our second home during the recording sessions! Grtz
NOORD official
NOORD official
Very friendly and helped where needed. Has a good ear which is very important in this line of work! A big thanks!
Decision Band
Decision Band
Alex is a close friend for many years, so I'm kind of biased but hey, best recording studio around for anyone who likes to rock, roll, scream, shout and headbang! And yes, he fixes my eternal dragging snare every single time 🤘🏽
Jan Verhelst
Jan Verhelst
Mooie studio. Goede ideeën en kritisch. Veel gear. Staat voor kwaliteit!
Thomas Hauttekeete
Thomas Hauttekeete
Outboard rack
Outboard rack #1
Outboard rack
Outboard rack #2

Best of breed recording studio

The studio is based around a top quality analog recording & mixing console, the industry standard Avid Pro Tools digital audio workstation complemented with select analog outboard, a fine selection of microphones and the best instruments.

Outboard gear

Soundcraft analog mixing console supplemented with Heritage audio HA73 EQ Elite Neve-style preamps and Successor diode bridge bus compressor, TK Audio BC1-THD VCA bus compressor, Lindell 1176 FET compressors, Golden Age Comp-3A, DBX overeasy® compressors, Apogee and Ferrofish convertors, Neumann monitoring & subs.


Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, ENGL Fireball, VHT Pitbull, EVH 5150, Orange TH30, PRS MT15, Mesa Boogie V30 oversized cab, Engl V60 cab, VHT Fatbottom cab, Darkglass Microtubes 900, Ampeg 8x10 cab, Gretsch Renown Maple Drums, All Zildjian K Custom cymbals, Solar S2 (D-tuning) guitar

Recording microphones

Austrian Audio OC-18's & OD5's, United Studio Technologies FET47 & Twin87, Lewitt Audio LCT-540's, Oktava MK012's, AKG C391B's, Shure SM57's & Beta52's, Beyerdynamic M201's & M160 & TGD57, Rode M3, Line Audio OM4's, Sennheiser MD-421,


Recent bands I worked with


4am program – A Bundle Of Djoy – Cuttermess – Decision – Elder Seeds – Enid Fullcirclebroken – Hammeramp – La Nausée Loose Change – Maudlin – My Friend The AtomNevermind Nessy – Noord Practical JokeRetalliationThe Lotus Tree – The Dead Run – Turpentine Valley

Van Delden – C.O.C.K – Caravan – Smashing Birds – 7 inch baby – Get Dealt With – The Idle
Listen to MY WORK

fullcirclebroken - R.E.V.E.A.L.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Jeddraudio

fullcirclebroken - R.I.S.E.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Jeddraudio

Noord - Aggressor

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Jeddraudio

The Dead Run - 'Wire cut'

Recorded and mixed at Jeddraudio

Loose Change - Headnumb

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Jeddraudio

La Nausée - 'Venom'

Mixed and mastered at Jeddraudio

My Friend The Atom - 'Awake'

Mixed and mastered at Jeddraudio

Face Your Underground sampler

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One full day is 8 hours. According to your specific needs we can customise the proposal.
Ask for your individual offer. There’s always an option to make it work.








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Alex Dierickx

Started out as a 15 year old aspiring bass-player who, when things turned out, had actually bought a guitar. Ended up in the recording studio a few years later nevertheless, after landing that first record deal. The rest is history, as they say.

An open-minded approach to meet your needs and goals. No hard rules, just strict quality standards. Add some fun into the mix and your next release will be nothing but epic!

The studio chooses to focus on the heavier guitar and drum driven genres, since it’s my firm believe that mixing these genres is a league of its own. The raw, yet larger than life, sounds that are expected from powerful music albums these days require quite some rule breaking… and more bass!