5-song Album mix

This week I’ve started with the mix for a 5 song album. The band brings us instrumental post metal. You know, the kind with heavy hitting drums, very fat bass and guitars tuned in C (which is rather moderate for the genre) and ear piercing synths. Not your average performance, but really looking forward to 33 (!) minutes of distortion and then some.

Samples will be posted when the mixis done.

Pro-tools-expert community award

Pro Tools users all around the world should know the pro-tools-expert blog and newssite. It’s the number one spot for inside news on everything Avid and hardware related novelties (or is that gossip?).

Right now, they decided that it was time to award yours truly with an award for my contribution to the community at pro-tools-expert. Could you imagine, a free Sonnox Oxford EQ to add to my virtual rack. Thanks guy’s!

Where did the sound samples go?

A new site, a lot of plans and a lack of time. We’ve all been there.

So, things are getting a little hectic over here and my portfolio website was long overdue. Still depending on my blog I ran from 2012 until 2015 wasn’t going to cut it anymore. So, away with the blog and “Hello new portfolio website”.

About that lack of time: I’m still working on preparing recent sound samples to add to this website. I’m doing this in between mix jobs, so you can imagine the stretch here. In the mean time, just email me to receive samples. I would do everything to gain your trust to work with me as your recording and mix engineer,… Well, almost everything.