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I approach recording on a per project basis, which means all resources are available for the entire duration of your project. If you want to go back and forth or just plain experiment, there is time! The ultimate goal is a perfect music recording.


You can team up with me to complete your recording process by having it professionally mixed. Wether these are tracks recorded by Jeddraudio, another studio or homerecordings. There is always a clear path towards that perfectly mixed album.


Are you new to recording, an artist looking to do the hard work yourself or an enthousiastic homerecorder? I have experience in training and speaking to large groups of engineers. References include Muziekantendag and Homerecording on Tour.


Hi, my name is Alex and I love working with your music
You should focus on your music, while I make sure your hard work sounds at its best.

Alex Dierickx, that's me, started out as a Bass player at the age of 15. That bass turned out to be a guitar and there was no money to replace it. So, moving on as guitar player formed my first band in the same year. We were playing old school hardcore in a time the genre was full of metal influenced bands. Being different got us noticed and we ended up recording our first album in 1998. That got me inside a proper recording studio with a giant 48 channel mixing desk and the rest is history!

I remained in bands until today, as a guitar player, bassist, drummer or singer with one single goal: "getting ready for that next studio session". Being to addicted to recording and mixing and bands needing to much time to create albums, I eventually built my own studio in 2005. Started out in my living room to eventually move on to an acoustic treated mixing room and a complete gear list aimed at portability and flexibility. Today, jeddraudio has a full offering from recording to mixing on a project basis.

Looking forward to work with you!


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    Get that groove on tape

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    Impress your audience

  • Training

    Learn on a personal level

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